Weary Pilgrim - The Forgotten Man

William Graham Sumner was a libertarian sociologist who enjoyed a brief notoriety before the turn of the 19th century – he championed the Forgotten Man, “For whom there is no provision in the Great Scramble and Big Divide” ( people wrote and talked funny back then)…. You don’t need me to tell you about all the dumb and horrible things Donald Trump has done since he made the Great Descent on the Golden Escalator to Power – the rest of the world is doing a pretty good job of that – Donald Trump himself is doing an even better job of it, come to think of it. But let me tell you something Donald Trump has done right – he REMEMBERED the Forgotten Man….. There are about 40 million voters on this c

Weary Pilgrim - The Stone Canoe

After the Winter of Our No Content, the political spectrum is readying itself for the next big wave – Hillary is coasting into the nomination, honing her debating chops, filling the coffers for airtime purchases, and doing opposition research on…..on……actually she has no idea who she is running against. Trump? Cruz? Ryan? A Player To Be Named Later? You would think that the amazing disarray among the Republican party leadership would occasion schadenfreude ( the delicious feeling of seeming to be dismayed at a friend’s distress while being gleeful that you’re not the one whose fly is open ) among the Dem’s– but when the stakes are leadership of the Free World, it’s a little tough to gloat –

Weary Pilgrim – Guns

On my ‘best of’ CD album cover, there is a picture of me as a young cowboy, holding a toy gun...and why not? That was who I wanted to be someday, the very ethos of hero, a holster on his side, holding a toy gun, ready to kill Bad Guys. Guns were a part of my youth. Whenever I visited my grandparents, I went to my grandfather’s gun cabinet, where I was allowed to handle and discover all the firearms my grandfather had collected – early muzzleloaders, a brace of Civil War Navy Colts, modern hunting rifles, shotguns, and the occasional sidearm. My Uncle Bob is a famous gunsmith – he makes absolutely beautiful shotguns, hand-manufactured with great loving care, and enjoyed by hunters and sportsm


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