Weary Pilgrim – Power

So I took a couple of rides into the near future the other day, and after I re­entered our current universe, I realized I’m really looking forward to the next one... I test drove two models of the new Tesla – the Tesla S, a sedan that looks like a Mercedes that went to finishing school, and the Tesla X, which looks like an SUV that is being used to shuttle Starfleet astronauts. The ‘S’ used to be the fastest production car made in America – because electric power has all of its torque ( think of it as twisting power ) available from the first RPM, when you put your foot into it, you end up in the back seat, wondering who blew the candles out. In addition to incredible acceleration, it is abs

Weary Pilgrim – After Long Absence

Hi Folks – it’s been awhile – last time we spoke, the American political scene looked like a shouting match between two blind drunks who couldn’t remember why they were arguing in the first place, in distant parts of the world planes were falling out of the skies for unknown but deeply suspicious reasons, and religious zealots were Hell-bent on exacting revenge from their former allies, eternal enemies, and pretty much anybody who wandered onto their radar for reasons neither you nor I will ever understand. Boy, times really change. And yet, there have been a few things happening worthy of notice – and a couple of them seem to be occurring because every now and then we get a leader or two w

Weary Pilgrim – At the Movies, Pt. 2

The ballots for nominations to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, AKA ‘The Academy’, are due January 8th, so all the members have been bingeing on the so- called ‘screeners’, the DVD’s that have been pouring in over the last few weeks. Being a dutiful member of the Academy, I’ve been popping them in the DVD player like slides in a carousel, along with the odd trip to the theater – so here goes part 2: ­Sicario – this is a truly suspenseful movie about a DEA agent on the Tex­Mex border – stars Amy Ryan, who does more than mail it in. Johann Johannson ( of Iceland!), who won the Oscar last year for best score in The Theory of Everything, does an amazing score, which is only one

Weary Pilgrim – Back to the Movies, Part 1

Well, it’s that time of year – as I’ve mentioned before, the Hollywood studios don’t trust the 6000 members of the Motion Picture Academy to remember what they had for lunch last week, never mind what movies they watched last summer, so they hold the so­called ‘nomination–worthy’ films until November or December (actually, to qualify for the Academy Awards, a film has to play for one week in both New York City and Los Angeles, so some films will have a so­called ‘Academy release’, and play only one week on each venue sometime late in the calendar year, and then ‘go wide’ in January or February). So here is my first installment of recommended films – the following blurbs are highly opinionate

Weary Pilgrim – The Clown Patrol

So the Circus has lost a couple of its newest clowns, but there are still plenty of them left, running around the Circus of politics, honking their horns and scaring the kids. We get the government we deserve, but I’m starting to think that we have been very, very bad lately. Trying to make sense of it all is like watching three card monte with sunglasses on. At midnight. On the Tundra. In a snowstorm. The only thing I’m sure of is that we are all going to lose. But you gotta admit, it’s a Hell of a show. Let’s look at our players: Trump - I can’t actually explain the rise of Trump, but it struck me the other day that he’s kind of like Sinatra with laryngitus – he’s just so damned sure of h

Weary Pilgrim – The Stone Canoe

After the Winter of Our No Content, the political spectrum is readying itself for the next big wave – Hillary is coasting into the nomination, honing her debating chops, filling the coffers for airtime purchases, and doing opposition research on.....on......actually she has no idea who she is running against. Trump? Cruz? Ryan? A Player To Be Named Later? You would think that the amazing disarray among the Republican party leadership would occasion schadenfreude ( the delicious feeling of seeming to be dismayed at a friend’s distress while being gleeful that you’re not the one whose fly is open ) among the Dem’s– but when the stakes are leadership of the Free World, it’s a little tough to gl

Weary Pilgrim - The Vote

So I walked over to the Townhouse the other day to cast a vote. Did you know it’s one of the oldest polling locations in the country? There’s something special about voting in a room where folks once cast ballots for James Madison. Or Andrew Jackson. Or Teddy Roosevelt......or Donald Trump. Wow. I had a long talk with myself on the way over about my vote, but I’m still not exactly sure I understood what I was trying to say – after all, this is the weirdest political season since Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel. I won’t draw this out, and I don’t ever ask anyone about their vote, but I cast a vote for John Kasich. Why? Simple ­ I think a two party system is absolutely neces


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